Sabra Fence Mounted Intrusion Detection System
The Sabra Intrusion Detection System arrives to the site fully assembled with the sensors molded onto the cable; this will ensure a hermetically sealed product that will withstand the harsh weather conditions. The processing and the alarm determination algorithm are unique and different from the ones common to other fence mounted systems. While the most of the other systems, by nature of their principle of operation, produce signal on a whole zone basis and therefore only rely on the level of this signal. The Sabra Fence however provides signals based on an individual sensor and therefore is analyzing the environment, an alarm is determined based on exceptions to the normal constant “noise” and therefore improving the false alarm rate of the system. This is especially important in an airport environment where the fence is exposed to significant vibrations and acoustic noise caused by airplane movements and engine “jet blasts”. The Sabra Fence has been tested by USA and Israeli government Agencies for a long period and found suitable for use at high security sites. It has been installed all over the world in high security sites such as prisons, embassies, industrial and utility sites and alike.
Sensor (Transducer)
  • Each sensor/transducer has a built-in sophisticated algorithm and may have unique algorithm parameters, different sensitivity level and act as either a single or multimode sensor.
  • Each sensor/transducer calculates the weight (importance/feasibility) of an event filtering the “noise”
Sabra Hub
  • Monitors up to 1500M of system length.
  • Receives the sensor information from the field and runs a decision algorithm on the received information to trigger and alarm
  • Connects to a display monitor and runs the dedicated display and control software (included with the system).
  • Can be networked via an Ethernet network along with additional Hubs to a main server (software provided with the system).
Vibration Intrusion Detection System
The Sabra Fence Vibration System will provide the operator at the command and control center notification when attempt is made to climb, or cut the fence line (or in case of magnetic or temp when the sensor detects an abnormal condition). The unique sensor technology will be able to pinpoint the intrusion attempt to a 3 meters location providing the security force easy assessment of the alarm location.
Temperature Sensing Technology

The sensor detects temperature change and reports them prior to deterioration.

  • Built-in temperature sensor in any Transducer.
  • Any drastic change of temperature in short period of time at 10 feet resolution will immediately report.
Magnetic and Smart Patrol Attendance Notification
  • Each transducer can be used as a magnetic sensor to detect opening of gates, manhole covers and boxes. There is no need for additional processing or reporting devices.
  • Each transducer can be SSPU (Sabra Smart Patrol Unit)
  • A Guard can use Sabra “magic stick” to report his location and presence (sensor number and time).
The Sabra system has integration capability via dry contact or via Ethernet network to other control centers. This is in addition to a local command and control center to monitor the system locally. The control center is notified once an intrusion attempt is being detected via “dry contact relays” on a zone basis, and, on a 3 meter location resolution if the digital network communication is used.
Block Diagram of a Sabra Fence System
  • The sensors are over-molded on a standard outdoor rated cable which is used to provide operating power as well as communication with the control center.
  • The sensors exchange information with the control unit (Sabra Hub) via RS-485 communication line.
  • Each sensor includes a micro-processor doing the local calculations to filter solid or false alarm events.
  • Each sensor has a unique address so the information being sent back to the command center knows to pinpoint the actual alarm location.
  • Each sensor can be adjusted from the control center to fine tune the sensitivity and functionality.
  • The system requires a field processor (SabraHub) every 1500M in oppose to other fence mounted systems that require a dual zone processor every 200-400M.
  • For sites up to about 1.5 Km the SabraFence does not require a processor at all and can be plugged in directly into the control hub.
  • Control hubs can be networked and communicate with a main server via a standard Ethernet network.
  • The hubs and sever can be remotely setup diagnosed and upgraded via wired or wireless internet.
  • The SabraFence provide alarm resolution of 3M rather than up to 100m in other systems, this enables to lower the number of fixed CCTV cameras and use more PTZ camerasCrown Solar Power Fencing Systems.
  • The same sensors can act as Magnetic sensors, guard tour notification sensors and temperature sensors. This eliminates the need for special magnetic gate and tamper switches and their interface.
  • There is no orientation requirement for the sensor unlike other systems where the sensor has to be leveled and adjusted.
  • The sensor can be installed on multiple types of surface including concrete and steel walls.